Is available for international licensing, preferably in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian. Please contact James Douglas. Iran is a closely watched and locked up society – a nuisance that Jack Abramian, a superrich Californian with Armenian roots definitely wants to change. From his huge industrial base in southern Armenia he starts Operation Snowdrop: ten million ready-to-use mobile phones are dropped by a handful of daredevil pilots on Iranian cities, coming down like snowflakes on little parachutes "A Gift From Allah, Now Ideas Are Free" is the first message masses of excited people read in disbelief from the phones that are linked to the Pentagon's LEO satellite system being out of reach of the Mullahs that are totally taken by surprise. Being on the verge of becoming a nuclear power they suddenly have to cope with the threat of unlimited free communication that is unsettling the country overnight. A hardcore group within the regime, however, is not likely to give in: not only they stun the world with a nuclear explosion in remote province of Belutschistan but also plan to attack Israel with the state-of-the-art Sunburn missiles with atomic warheads, that are to be secretly delivered to them by the dangerous Russian oligarch, arms dealer and rogue Oleg Nedjew slated to be linked to high places in Moscow. The plot is set: Can Jack Abramian achieve his ultimate goal to free Armenia from international isolation by opening up Iran? Can the hectic preparations to nuke out Israel be stopped in time? Young and pretty Sophie Kramer who works with Ponter Bank in Zurich that recycles Oleg Nedjews billions from the arms deal with the mullahs is unwillingly catapulted in the centre of the deadly plot. In an attempt to recover stolen codes to build miniaturized nuclear warheads and to revenge the murder of a beloved friend she runs from a hired killer and gets deeper involved in an intricate international conspiracy that unfolds with breathtaking momentum on locations like Teheran, Zurich, Armenia and Cyprus. Can Sophie prevail with the help of a few of trusted friends in this fast and gripping race against the clock? Available in German only.