ZERO Philadelphia 

Antonio Cali de Cali, the head of the world’s most powerful drug cartel, will use any means necessary to eliminate the competition. Ken Custer, also known as «Keycop», a disgraced former CIA agent, works as Don Cali’s masterful fiance strategist. Adam Schlammer, a ruthless Swiss magnate in charge of radioactive waste disposal, has secretly delevoped carry-on nukes, suitcase-size nuclear weapons that pack the punch of an early A-bomb. Stefanie Kramer, a brilliant, beautiful reporter is investigating Schlammer Engineering - these are the players in an intricate and action-packed thriller, already a bestseller in Europe, set in a dangerous, worldwide playground.

A well advanced movie project was thwarted when 9/11 sent a shock wave through the Hollywood studio; it canceled the movie that told the story of an attack on the historic district of Philadelphia with Independence Halle, Liberty Bell...